Our Club History.

The Yuma Kennel Club came into being in the early 1950's.  Our first two AKC sanctioned matches took place December 1956 and June 1957; our first annual AKC dog show took place in 1957.    Our first Club officers were:

President - Richard Lackey
Vice President - Major J.G. Crimp
Secretary - Pat (Mrs. Mel) Hinson

Interesting facts:
  • Richard and Ethel Lackey are the only two members from our 2007 membership list who were also founding Club members.  
  • Richard Lackey was our Show Chairman for almost all of our annual AKC dog shows [through 2007]. 
  • The Yuma County Fairgrounds has been our show venue for all but one of our AKC shows, not including the couple of years we clustered with Scottsdale Dog Fanciers, Scottsdale, AZ.

Various show photos from the past, as well as articles from the local newspaper over the years, have been scanned for viewing.  Click on the following titles to stroll through Memory Lane!