The Yuma Kennel Club tries to have several presentations and other related activities during each year.  Presentations are usually given at our monthly Club meetings, while other activities might take place elsewhere. 



5/13/14 - The YKC purchased & donated Fido Bags to the Yuma & Somerton fire departments.  These are pet lifesaving masks for fire victim animals.  See photo.
4/2/14 - At the April Club meeting, Pauline Weiland gave the Club a presentation on new breeds recognized by the AKC: what it takes to become an AKC breed, as well as packets of information on the most recent new breeds.
2/4/14 - At the Feb. Club meeting, Victoria Sarabia gave an interesting presentation on Doggie Dental Hygiene, including the necessity of good dental hygiene for pets and how to clean a dog's teeth.  She also brought some doggie dental products for us to see.


Guide Dogs for the Blind - Kim McNut [Feb 2013]

Organic Pet Food and Products - Nicole Spickerman [May 2013]

Snake Aversion Training - Brian Folino, Wellton AZ [June 2013]

Planned Pethood - Renee Ragsdale [Oct 2013]

Social Media Presentation  - Carson Cherland & Johnny Awesome of Media Management [Nov 2013]

Guest Speakers 2011


November 8, 2011
Our November presentation was given by Suzy Kesselburg, who through AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) is a Certified Dog Obedience Trainer, Canine Behavior Counselor, and Nutritional Counselor with Desert Veterinary Clinic [here in Yuma]. Suzy’s presentation covered the type of training and behavioral consultations she does for local area canines. She also is a foster home for Guide Dogs for the Blind and provided additional information to the Club on that program.


June 7, 2011

At the June 2011 meeting of the Yuma Kennel Club, we had a presentation by Bob Fialka and Betty Connor from Southwest CPR and First Aid. They started Southwest CPR and First Aid for Pets in 2008. Their presentation consisted of the importance in knowing the skills and techniques of Pet First Aid.  Knowing some of those skills can mean the difference between life and death for your animals.
In their presentation they concentrated on various things we can do as pet owners to prevent high Vet costs. One of their recommendations was to have a PET FIRST AID KIT. This kit should contain many of the same things you would have in a First Aid kit for people in your household:  Assorted bandages and compresses such as Absorbent compresses, adhesive tape, roll cohesive wrap; medication and solutions such as Antibiotic ointment, Benadryl, Hydrogen Peroxide, alcohol; Tools and Utensils such as clippers, nail clippers, needle-nose pliers, and tweezers.
They recommended each person should know how to check the temperature of their pet, become familiar with its breathing rate and heart rate. This is some of the information you would get if you were to enroll in the classes they provide.
At the meeting Bob and Betty also demonstrated for us how to wrap a dog or cat’s paw when they get cut. In addition, they reminded us that the ASPCA had a phone number for poison control; they will charge you for the information, so it is best to be prepared in order to avoid these unexpected bills.
As informative as this presentation was, it did show that their class would be a valuable asset, full of great information. The next class they are planning to hold will be July 30th and they would like to have a minimum of 6 people. The class fee is $30 per person.


The presentation for our May 3, 2011 was presented by Paula Bensel, President of the local chapter of Love on a Leash. Ms Bensel gave a background on Love on a Leash.

Love on a leash was founded in 1984 by Liz Palika, a San Diego County based dog trainer. Their goal is to “generate smiles and to provide comfort to those in need”.

As volunteers the members take their pets of all kinds, (birds, dogs, cats, rabbits and miniature horses) to visit patients in hospitals, schools, libraries and care facilities.

Therapy pets do not need to be a specific breed. What is important is that your pet’s temperament is friendly, your pet is healthy and it is well behaved. To become a Love on the Leash Therapy Pet, you are required to complete 10 hours with your pet and a certified Love on the Leash member at any facility Love on a Leash visits. Your 10 hours start on the first day. No matter where they go or who they work with, the end result is the same: They provide a moment of joy and connection that only a pet can provide.

Love on the Leash, Yuma, is trying to build up their membership so they have enough to visit all facilities each week. Vicki Previtte brought her Love on a Leash Therapy pet Cocker Spaniel Maddie, (shown in picture with LOAL vest on) to our meeting and commented that one patient they see weekly has connected with Maddy and looks forward to her visit. Paula stated, altho they do not spend a lot of time with each patient, the patients remember the pets from week to week and look forward to their visits.

Paula completed her presentation with a brief question and answer session. If anyone is interested in having their pet be a Love on a Leash Therapy Pet they can contact Paula at 928-581-3545.

At our regular March meeting, our club had a presentation on Canine Dental Hygiene. This was presented by Andrea Swain, Canine Dental Hygienist from one of our local Veterinarians. Her presentation included the different affects on your dogs health and the necessary steps that the veterinarians have to take in order to correct the damage done by neglect of your dogs teeth. She recommended all dogs and cats should have their teeth cleaned at least once a year and the some smaller older dog breeds that have a history of teeth problems may need to have their teeth every six months. These are usually your Dachshunds, Yorkies and most small terrier breeds. Ms Swain took about 15 minutes to answer some questions from the floor.

Ms Swain also gave a complete presentation on how to clean or brush your dogs teeth and recommended several products that would help with prevention of tooth decay.


Guest Speakers 2010

Guest Speakers 2009

Guests & Presentations During 2009

oct 09 meeting
Sargent Acton of HSOY spoke to the club re need for bulletproof vests for officers on patrol. They work along the other local agencies in serving warrants for arrest and seizures in animal cruelty cases and have come against many dangerous situations. The vests that they currently have are worn and outdated and don’t fit properly. They don’t have enough for all officers so need three more so each officer could have one. The ones they have were used by the YPD and donated to the shelter officers but are good for another few years and they needed three more. The cost is $550.00 per vest.   The club voted to purchase 3 vests at the cost of $550.00 each.

aug 09 meeting
Kristen Weil, a local attorney who is the chairperson of the Humane Society of Yuma’s Capital Campaign, gave a presentation on why the Humane Society of Yuma needs the new shelter, the new shelter plans, and how the fundraising is going.  She reminded us that the Humane Society of Yuma’s Furball takes place September 12th at the Yuma Golf and Country Club. She also wanted to thank the Yuma Kennel Club for our donation. Kristen also educated us about which parts of the shelter are run by the county and which are actually nonprofit: Animal Control is run by the County whereas the shelter is a non-profit organization.

March 09 meeting
Linda Anderson, supervisor for HSOY, is in charge of adoption, rescue and foster care at the Humane Society. She spoke to us about how the adoption procedure works from start to finish. Although they are very short on man power, she tries to make home visits as much as possible. She works along with the different rescue organizations to help place more of our four legged friends. Last but not least she spoke about foster care and how important it is, especially tor the little ones who are in need of constant care. If anyone is interested in volunteering at the Humane Society they must go thru the volunteer orientation which is held on a monthly basis. If you are interested in helping in any way, you may contact Linda at the Humane Society of Yuma.

Guests & Presentations During 2010


Edie Sturdivant gave a presentation on the All American/Mixed Breeds Obedience and Rally portion of the Yuma Kennel Club Dog Show. She has been doing a survey on how many shows are allowing entries for All American/ Mixed Breeds enrolled in the AKC’s Canine Partners program. Edie talked with several other Show Chairpersons on the matter. Some said that adding the class to their show increased their entries and others said that it didn’t. She also spoke about AKC’s Canine Partners Program and how to download it from the AKC website. You must have your dog registered before you can enter the Dog Show. Entry due date for our show is November 12, 2010. All the information she has gathered will be on the Yuma Kennel Club website.  [See our YKC Shows page for more info on the Canine Partners Program.]
Rene Ragsdale-Leeds gave a presentation on Planned Pethood -- what the organization is about and how they help the community by offering low cost spay and neuter clinics. Some of the members had questions such as is the criteria used as to whom they will help. Rene stated that they work mostly withy low income families, but in general there no criteria -- all you have to do is apply. Another question asked was how Planned Pethood and the Humane Society of Yuma co-exist:  Since they are two separate entities they each can apply for grants which brings in more funding for the cause. Also there may be some services and needs that Planned Pethood can provide that Yuma Humane Society cannot and vice versa.

Rene also spoke about Planned Pethood’s upcoming fund raiser Cause for Paws. The event is Saturday, October 30, 2010 at the Yuma Country Club.


A presentation was given by Christine Weil, capital campaign coordinator; for the Humane Society’s new shelter.  She gave an update on how the building for the new shelter was coming.  She also told the club a little about the upcoming Fur Ball which will be held at the new A.W.C. student center. It is the hope of the Humane Society that next year’s Fur Ball be held at the new shelter.  The Humane Society took pictures of several club members and their dogs as part of a presentation to be given at the Humane Society’s Fur Ball.

Guest Speakers 2009