Annual Dog Show

We have had some good newspaper publicity in the past, about upcoming dog shows, obedience classes, Club donations.  We also had a regular educational column written [in the 70's] by long-time member and past-President Anne Smith.  Here is a variety of interesting articles:

Dog Show column by long-time Club member and past-President Anne Smith, 1986

Show announcement, and photo of long-time Club member and
past-President Loma Clark, with Irish Setter "Sunny", 1993

Dog show article by Darin Fenger, Yuma Daily Sun, May 25 2004

Yuma Daily Sun Article 12/1/06


$200 donation to Parkview Hospital, 1970's. [Center - Richard Lackey]

Long-time Club member and past-President Loma Clark

Obedience, Flyball...

Meriel J. Peck & Shetland Sheepdog earn their CD;
trainer  was
Club member Ron Wilson. ['70's]

Former Club member Rose Sanders, interviewed about Flyball, 1997

Flyball/"Dogs Day" article, Yuma Daily Sun, 1998

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Flyball Article, March 2008 [2 parts - ea. part missing its bottom line, sorry!]

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Aug 1970 - then-Betty Wilson [now Betty Vance]