Yuma Dog Shows

Winter 2020:  
Our Annual Desert Southwest Cluster
Friday through Monday,
11/27/20 - 11/30/20


The American Kennel Club instituted a program in 2010 which allows mixed breed dogs to enter performance events [obedience, rally, agility] in AKC dog shows.  Anyone interested in having their mixed breed dog compete in our trials must register their dogs with the AKC Canine Partners program.

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Here's a list of Yuma area dog-friendly hotels.



What is a Dog Show?


In brief, an AKC dog show is sponsored by the American Kennel Club, a registry for purebred dogs.  Each breed of dog has its own breed standard, or description of the ideal - what that breed should look like, how it should move, what it was bred for [i.e hunting, guarding, herding], what its temperament should be.  A dog show is a place where AKC registered dogs are exhibited before judges who determine how closely your dog comes to the standard for its breed.  Historically the purpose of showing your dog was to determine if it was a worthy animal to breed - if it could make a decent contribution to its breed. 

Dog show competition is divided by breed, and within each breed by age and, generally speaking, by experience. 
A class will consist of the dogs being walked into the show ring to join others of its breed, where the judge will ask that the handlers "stack" their dogs, or pose them in a four-square stance so the judge can observe general structure.  The dogs are then gaited, or trotted around the ring so that the judge can view their movement from the side, front and rear.   The winner of each class will later compete against the other class winners in its breed for Best of Breed.    Points are won by the class winners and, after winning 15 points under at least 3 different judges, a dog will have earned its championship title from the AKC.

A dog show is a great place to view quite a large variety of AKC dog breeds.  The Yuma Kennel Club annual dog shows have anywhere from 1000 to 1500 dogs being shown each day.  In larger cities, that number could be  3500 dogs per day.  This is a good way to compare that cute little puppy you are thinking of bringing home, to the adult of its breed - size, shape, energy level, coat length. 



Friday through Monday, 11/28/14 - 12/1/14

Nov-Dec 2014 AKC dog show - 11/28/14 - 12/1/14

Nov-Dec 2013 AKC dog show - 11/29/13 - 12/2/13

Nov-Dec 2012 AKC dog show - 11/30/12 - 12/3/12 [click HERE to view photos]

December 2011 AKC dog show - 12/2-12/5/11

December 2010 AKC dog show - held at the Yuma County Fairgrounds. 

Feb. 14, 2010 - AKC B/OB Match (including Rally competition].  Held at Sanguinetti Park on 8th Avenue behind the Post Office.   
Click HERE to view photos of the 2010 Match.

Nov 26-27-28-29, 2009 - AKC Dog Show - Yuma County Fairgrounds, Yuma, AZ

March 1, 2009 - B/OB Match - Sanguinetti Park, Yuma, AZ . 
HERE to view pictures from the 2009 match.    


  Feb 17, 2008 - B/OB Match - Sanguinetti Park, Yuma, AZ . 
HERE to view Photo Page of the 2008 Match.



Show Superintendents

Dog Show Superintendents:

Information on upcoming dog shows and show results can be found at the following dog show superintendent websites.  [Click on a name for a link to their website.]

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